Sustainable Lightweight Modal | Poppy Rouge

Sustainable Lightweight Modal | Poppy Rouge

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Eco friendly natural fibres make this hijab a must have for summer. These hijabs are kinder to your hair, skin and environment. Designed to be cool, breathable and featherweight, they boast properties perfect for warm climates. 

What makes these hijabs eco friendly?  

The fibres used to produce these hijabs come purely from natural sources which include cotton, linen and tencel. These are derived from plants and wood pulp. They are sourced from renewable energy resources and doesn't damage the environment which makes them sustainable and the ultimate alternative to non-sustainably produced products.

Our products come packaged in recyclable packaging, down to the tape we use to seal our boxes.  The hijab comes packaged in a recycled plastic bag without any printing to avoid the use of harmful inks.

What size are these hijabs?

Maxi 90cm x 180cm